about us

aloha and e komo mai…

We’re Grace and Christina — two friends (and moms!) who realized there had to be a simpler way to wear faux lashes. Living on Maui, with the humidity and salt air, we found lash extensions were just too pricey, but we still wanted the look of them. Traditional lash glues didn’t last long enough and magnetic liner systems were just plain messy. There had to be something better out there — and affordable too.

After combining our unique backgrounds and talents, we found the perfect combination of products and created MakaBeauty Hawaii (“maka” is "eye" in Hawaiian).

Our eyeliner adhesive system is the easiest DIY lash product available today — simple enough for most to apply and wear false lashes. Just apply the liner, your favorite strip lash style (including ours) — and feel the “aloha”