how to apply

the simplest and easiest DIY lash system available today!

note: Be sure to trim your lashes BEFORE application – see graphic below
(trimming will custom fit the lash to best fit your unique eye size)

  • Shake makaLiner™ eyeliner pen a few times to mix the adhesive ingredients.
  • Pull off the end cap (do not unscrew) to expose the precision point applicator tip. 
  • Apply makaLiner pen adhesive onto clean, dry skin along the lash line with a single thin line or several thin strokes (no need to create thick heavy lines!). Replace lid tightly to avoid drying out the liner tip.
  • Using your fingers or lash applicators, apply makaLash™ to the eyelid as close as possible to your natural lash line as possible without delay. The liner loses its adhesive magic if you wait too long — so no waiting or long dry time needed!
  • Repeat on other eyelid.
  • Once finished, store liner in a cool, dry place.