makaLASH minis SET- plumeria

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Create a fuller, longer-wearing lash with our new makaLash minis!

Note: this is the same Lash as the original Hibiscus Lashes that come in a package of 10 clusters. 

With 4 different length options, you are in control of the volume and look of your lashes. The faux lash cluster minis are similar in style to our maui and oahu styles, but are more durable, yet lightweight, for flexi-day wear time.

Our minis are intended for multi-day wear — so you can sleep, shower and have fun in the sun without having to remove them daily! 

> 36 premium quality lash clusters (choose from 4 different lengths)
> premium Korean Silk lash fibers
> vegan | cruelty-free | hypoallergenic
> apply with makaBOND flexi•hold lash glue and applicator (each sold separately)


**SAVE $5 when purchasing a minis/makaBOND together (discount applies automatically at checkout – no code needed)**

These cluster lashes are applied using our makaBOND flexi•hold lash glue and are recommended for more experienced lash users due to need for delicate removal.

When removing with our makaCLEAN makeup remover, patience is key. Allow the cleansing oil to fully saturate the lash glue, and GENTLY loosen one cluster at a time to remove. Do not force or pull without completely saturating the adhered cluster or you may lose your natural lashes in the process. After removing cluster, wipe off any remaining residue carefully using several small strokes with makeup remover.